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Next Level Visualizations

for Marketing, Sales and Training

Marketing and Sales staff face special challenges in order to convince customers of the added value of their products – Especially with less emotional or very complex products such as plants, machines and components. Such products are usually not suitable as live demonstration material at appointments or trade fairs because they are either too large or too heavy to take away, are installed inside a machine or their functionality is not visible from the outside.

Nevertheless, it is critical to show customers how products differ from those of the competition, what new functionalities they have and that they are worth their price.

MagicLens – More than just an App!

MagicLens is more than just an App – MagicLens is a Content Tool that leverages yor CAD production data to create beautiful content for marketing and sales. Visualize complex products in Interactive-3D, Augmented Reality and generate stunning Videos and Graphics – all derived from the CAD-files you already own!

Sales & Marketing

The MagicLens Application is part of our Ecosystem: It is accessible offline, independently adaptable and available on all devices, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Deliver compelling and groundbreaking presentations to your potential clients and trading partners and kickoff a meeting with an immersive presentation of your product and how it can create a solution for them. Create visually compelling presentations that forge relationships, accelerate decision-making and shorten your sales cycle.

Training & Coaching

Companies and Organizations exploring new ways to improve training and education of their workforce.

MagicLens is a powerful tool that offers various different channels to engage employees in a meaningful way. Deliver On-Site-Training via Mobile Application or coach yor team in a meeting room with 3D-Renderings or Print Materials!

Get started with your own MagicLens!

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MagicLens leverages 3D-Production Data to create powerful Visuals of complex products and machines – in Interactive-3D, Augmented Reality, Video Rendering or Print!

Explore multiple ways and options to present your complex products in a simple, yet compelling way. MagicLens gives you all the options!

Video & Print

CAD files of machines and products are the very best source for the production of high resolution, photo-realistic Videos and Print Materials. Based upon these production files we create beautiful, high quality materials for marketing, sales, trade shows and trainings!