MagicLens Ecosystem


Raising the bar for Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales staff face special challenges in order to convince customers of the added value of their products – Especially with less emotional or very complex products such as plants, machines and components.

Such products are usually not suitable as live demonstration material at appointments or trade fairs because they are either too large or too heavy to take away, are installed inside a machine or their functionality is not visible from the outside.

Nevertheless, it is critical to show customers how products differ from those of the competition, what new functionalities they have and that they are worth their price.

Leveraging your CAD-Data

Complex systems and machines are developed and tested on the computer. This means that engineers, constructors and designers digitally create the products in CAD programs before they are built. Here, all aspects of a machine can be experienced and tested digitally.

However, CAD data is difficult to use for marketing and sales purposes. This is where MagicLens comes into play!

Create 3D content for marketing and sales

Even the most complex products and systems can be explained in a comprehensible way with suitable visual materials.

MagicLens offers you next level visualizations in Augmented Reality and Interactive 3D – all based on your CAD data. Such visualizations are ideally suited to explain the advantages and added values of complex products such as plants, machines or components.

Different 3D contents based upon CAD

For this purpose, CAD data of the machines is taken and converted with various tools into a 3D rendering, which offers various optical design and output options.

In this way, the following content can be produced:

  • Augmented Reality representations in an app
  • 3D models in an app
  • Videos for homepage/presentations
  • Graphics for digital or print use

This means that CAD data, which is actually intended for production, can suddenly also be used for marketing and sales.

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Your Benefits:

One-Stop Shop for 3D-Content

The MagicLens Content Pipeline is a comprehensive solution to create photo-realistic 3D-Content that is based upon 3D production data such as CAD files. Provide your CAD-Files and have us deliver high quality Content for Marketing, Sales, Trade Shows, Trainings and much more!

Simple and Easy

MagicLens streamlines your content conception process! Simply provide us with the 3D production files (CAD) and we get to work right away to create your desired 3D content. Need a change, a video, an animation? Just give us a call or drop us a mail – we got your back!


One Service Provider for 3D-Materials

Companies and Organizations often times use various different providers like freelancers or agencies to cover all their 3D content needs. The MagicLens Content Pipeline can be your one provider for high quality 3D content of any kind. Completely hassle free for you!

Flexible Pricing

MagicLens is a comprehensive yet inexpensive solution that covers all your 3D Content needs. For less than 10.000 € per year you’ll get a mobile App with a lot of features, videos, 3D-renderings as well as print content.

Get Started With Your Own MagicLens!

We complete many MagicLens projects every year based on a methodical approach that focuses on fast project delivery, minimal effort for the customer and understanding the customers needs. Reach out to our Experts and learn more about how to get started with MagicLens!